Leak Detection

Pools naturally lose water from too much sun and fun. So how do you know if you have a leak problem? Our leak detection specialists will assess your pool and give you a professional evaluation. Lic#1038868


Pool leaks no longer mean devastation to your bank account. Raytek uses state-of-the-art Torque Lock™ staples to permanently repair leaks in pool surfaces.

Structural Crack Repair

Raytek technicians are trained to correctly apply Torque Lock staples to ensure that the leak is sealed for the life of the pool or spa.

We’re proud to be The Central Valley’s Full Service Pool Leak Detection & Repair Company. Raytek Leak Detection’s focus on customer service, combined with reliable detection and repairs, eliminates the stress of losing water, rising chemical use, and structural degradation. Raytek makes owning a pool fun again.

The Raytek team doesn’t stop with detection and repair. They provide homeowners with a comprehensive inspection report to document the issue and repair.

Water loss is never good, and a leak can break down the fill material that supports your pool. Just a pencil-tip sized leak results in hundreds of gallons of lost water per day. Water bills spike, need for chemicals escalates, and the entire structure of the pool is at risk. It can take as little as 1-2 hours for our professionals to determine the source of a leak (depending on the severity of the leak).

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